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White Cove Beach Resort, Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines

Charles' PCI CardOn May 7, 2000 we went to White Cove Beach again and this time my friend have a new speed boat and a new Jet Ski too. Wow! The thrill of riding on this speed boat is something you must try it yourself and beyond compare! With this speed boat we were able to go to far places and we visited many islands and many beach resorts too. As a result of our cruise we use up 300 liters of gasoline. :-)

And this time, we were able to travel further to go to nearby beaches using two Jet Ski. At times we steered our Jet Ski so fast and we playfully chased each other. I am the coward and prudent one and always left behind on all of the skiing and as a result the Jet Ski I was riding would bumps on the waves created by the faster one in front of me.

On July 18, 1998, at 11 P.M. we arrived in Nasugbu, Batangas. We (four of us) slept on two tents so as not to bother my other friend who own a condominium unit (2 bedrooms) and who was with his family and his father at that time.

The place we visit is  a beautiful and clean private  beach resort (about 150 meters wide) called Evercrest White Cove. My friend brought his Yamaha WaveRunner Jet Ski and we ride on it the next day till we all turn red hot under the sun!

The (three-seat) Jet Ski watercraft had a three-cylinder 1,100-cc gasoline engine that runs for about one hour in fast speed with its 40 liters tank of fuel. It has about a maximum speed of 50 Kilometer/hour. With built-in speedometer, fuel and oil gauge. It also had a safety ignition key and a reverse thrust handle bar. A push to start engine switch, a pull to stop key and an accelerator handle bar are standard features. Inside the craft, are two to three small watertight compartments to prevent it from sinking when the Jet Ski turn upside down. Cost of the Jet Ski in 1995, US$ 11,500 (Php 300,000. rate of one US$ to Php 26.00)

After each use you need to clean the outside of the watercraft, use tap water to flush all the salt out of the underneath internal propeller and other parts, and spray special oil inside the engine and related mechanism.

Two to three strict rules you must follow in order to ride a Jet Ski are, First everyone  must wear a life buoy jacket. Secondly the driver must wear the engine switch strap or band of the watercraft on his/her wrist. And thirdly (only for White Cove beach resort) observe speed limit of 5 kilometer/hour inside or along the beach shore.

When you are thrown away from the Jet Ski due to sudden turn, big waves or whatever. Even when you wear a life buoy jacket you will splash into the water and, depending on how high and heavy you are before you, dive in. It will takes about 5 to 10 seconds wherein you will submerse deep into the water before the life buoy jacket pulls you afloat to the surface. It is a little bit scary the first time, in that 5 to 10 split seconds you were submerge, you will shout inside the little head of yours. "HELP! Somebody help me, I must have lost my life buoy jacket somehow!"

On July 22, 1998 (if I am not mistaken the date), after only two to three days when we slept inside the tents along the shore, tsunami struck Papua New Guinea wherein thousand of people drown and buried by very large ocean waves caused by an underwater seabed earthquake. Wow! This will be my first and last time to sleep in a tent on a beach very near the sea.

  A Canadian made 20 footer Celebrity speed boat, it has a V-8 gasoline engine similar to a Ford Expedition car with a 100 liters gasoline tank. Normal cruising speed is 45 mph, with a maximum of 90 or 100 mph. Cost is Php 1.4 million (US$ 33,330.00)
  The panel have a digital depth meter in feet, a analog compass, a fuel gauge, pressure gauge, oil gauge, a battery Volt meter, a mile gauge, a digital mileage meter in hours not in miles where you know how many total hours the speed boat have cruise, a Sony cassette stereo system with marine proof loud speakers. Situated on the right side of the chair below the glass window is a variable throttle control bar with reverse.
  Condominium units at Evercrest White Cove.
  My friend bought another Jet Ski, it's a brand new old model Seadoo, it is not as fast as the Yamaha but is cheaper and skiing this two together and go to places make you feel secure and more enjoyable.
  Look closely at the left steering handle just below my hand, you will notice that there is a red nylon rope hanging down. At the end of this red rope is a nylon band or strap that you must wear it on your wrist when you drive the Jet Ski. At the other end of the rope is a u-shaped plastic key that attaches to the ignition key. When you are throw away from the watercraft (Jet Ski) by accident, the key will automatically snap out of it and the engine will stop. This is to prevent the Jet Ski from wondering around or speeding away and lost in the sea. About 120 meters away, hundred of big stones piled up to protect this beach from waves and dirty un-recyclable objects coming from Metro Manila and it also protect us swimmers from accidentally swim into deep water. There are two small opening at both ends to allow boats and Jet Ski to pass through.
  Actually I slept inside my car instead of the tent. Don't tell anyone about this or my friends who were with me will know about it later. Three of us slept on the big tent and the other on in the smaller maroon tent. The reason I can't sleep that night were: First I can not turn my body side way due to over crowding inside. Secondly, one of my friends snores loudly and the other one turns his FM radio too loudly. Thirdly, we forgot to flatten the sand first before laying the tent on. It is like lying on the surface of the moon and my whole back ached. Fourthly, I did not expect it. We accidentally put the tent on one of the crab's dug home. I heard repeated creaking sound near my improvised pillow, I saw something moving beneath the nylon sheet when I use my flashlight. Later the crab must have go back into the hole. Would you believe me if I said I sleep for only 20 minutes all in all that night? It is hot inside the car!
  When we first assembled the tents that night at 11:30, it is 25 feet away from the seawater and when we wake up early in the morning at 5, the water was only 3 feet away from us due to high tide.
  Spend an hour figuring out and trying and looking at the instruction manual on how to assemble the big tent correctly!
Camera: Contax G1 with Carl Zeiss Planar 45mm lens, Contax TLA140 flash and Kodak K Gold ISO100 film.
Scanner: Microtek ScanMaker II HR

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